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Award Winners - Kimbolton Main Distributor

 We are proud to be the main stockist of award winning Kimbolton Fireworks covering the South Yorkshire area. Kimbolton Fireworks is the last remaining manufacturer in the UK and we believe they are one of the best quality fireworks currently available to the UK market. Kimbolton retained the "Best Firework Brand" award for 5 years running, "Lake of Sapphires" won the prestigious Best Cake Award.



  Emerald Selection Box (25m Safety Distance)

Contains 22 items. Our most popular selection of Category 3, Display fireworks. Power, colour and noise combine to give a balanced and enjoyable display with the intensity and brilliance of some items being countered by the subtlety and beauty of others.

Size: 685mm x 335mm x 110mm




  Apricot Blossom (5m Safety Distance)

A category 2 cake new for 2007, this 16 shot cake features orange comets which explode with silver crackling stars

Size: mm x mm dia

6.00 (25 secs / 16 shots / 20mm calibre)


  Rise Of The Pheonix (5m Safety Distance)

A category 2 cake new for 2007, this 16 shot cake features crackling silver tailed comets which burst with titanium silver chrysanthemums

Size: mm x mm dia

6.00 (25 secs / 16 shots / 20mm calibre)


  Golden Cascade (25m Safety Distance)

An "all gold" battery including gold charcoal willow effects, glitter comets and golden bombards. the effects and intensity increase as the battery functions

Size: mm x mm dia

17.00 ( 30 secs / 70 shots / 10mm calibre)



  Multi Coloured Spangle (25m Safety Distance)

A 30 shot fan cake. Combined aerial and ground level effects are created by the use of mini ground mines and multi-coloured bombettes. Great all-rounder!

Size: 270mm x 205mm x 195mm

30.00 (18 secs / 30 shots / 25mm calibre)


  Crossfire (25m Safety Distance)

An 18 shot battery fired in diagonal volleys of three. Effects range from gold and silver willow to glitter and crackling stars.

Size: 210mm x 190mm x 200mm

20.00 (25 secs / 18 shots / 25mm calibre)

  Crown Of Rubies (25m Safety Distance)

49 shot cake. Sister product to the award winning Lake Of Sapphires, this battery has large gold twinkling tailed comet stars which burst high in the sky, with giant golden tailed crowns with red ruby points.

60.00 (80 secs / 49 shots / 28mm calibre)


  Lake Of Sapphires (25m Safety Distance)

49 shot cake. Winner of numerous independent awards this battery fires a myriad of blue and silver effects including bombards, comets and palms. Our most popular firework which many have tried to copy but ours remains the best!

60.00 (80 secs / 49 shots / 28mm calibre)


Mammoth Cone

  Mammoth Cone (25m Safety Distance)

Mammoth 330mm, machine pressed, fountain cone. Even better than before! Our Mammoth cone now boasts a golden fountain with silver flitter combined with a myriad of multi-coloured mini stars imbedded in the fire. Erupting to a massive 5m high this is a very spectacular effect but with very little noise so ideal for those that want something impressive but do not like excessive bangs or whistles!



   Giant Sun Catherine Wheel

  Giant Sun Wheel (25m Safety Distance)

One of the Largest diameter Catherine wheels available in category 3, producing showers of gold and silver flitter around a spinning core of multi coloured flames 



Royal Cressendo Mine

  Sparkling Rainbow Mines (5) (5m Safety Distance)

A selection of 5 category 2 mines, producing silver whistle and white strobe fountains to crackling red, green, blue and spring flower mines

Size: mm dia x mm


Single Ignitions

Midnight Carnival Celebration Batteries

  Midnight Carnival (25m Safety Distance)

64 shot cake. Blue bombards followed by 3-tone whistles, multi-coloured bombards and a golden willow finale.

Size: 235mm x 300mm x 305mm

78.00 (80 Secs / 64 shots)

 Silver Humming Bird

  Silver Humming Bird (25m Safety Distance)

Vertical firing aerial display comprising hummers with coloured starmines, white glitter tail to crackling and silver fish bombards changing to midnight snow bombards with salute finale.

Size: 265mm x 295mm x 310mm

90.00  (70 Secs / 64 shots)

Starmine Fiesta  

  Starmine Fiesta (25m Safety Distance)

A pattern shaped aerial display comprising midnight snow with green, purple, blue and multi coloured stars in two layer mine effects

Size: mm x mm x mm

110.00  (30 secs / 80 shots)

   Snakes in the Forest Celebration Battery

  Snakes In The Forest (25m Safety Distance)

84 shot cake. Low level yellow mines combined with red and green serpents, changing to silver whistles, palm effects and a golden willow finale.

Size: 270mm x 265mm x 435mm


  Rainbow Spectacular

  Rainbow Spectacular (25m Safety Distance)

Z firing 84 Shot, Pattern shape aerial display comprising red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple comets stars with simultaneous fan-shaped finale

Size: 265mm x 295mm x 740mm

130.00  (45 secs / 84 shots)

Grand Celebration  Battery

  Grand Celebration (25m Safety Distance)

240 shot cake. Blue, pea green, dark green, red, lemon and silver bombards accompanied by silver whistles and yellow bombette finale.

Size: 165mm x 405mm x 430mm


Sparklers & Accessories

 Mini Indoor Sparklers

  Mini Indoor Sparklers (Category 1 - Indoor rated)

Sparklers suitable for indoor use. Great if the weather is bad, you can continue the celebrations safely inside. Small and neat they can add that sparkle to a desert or steak, great value with 10 sparklers per plastic tube.



Ice Candles


  Ice Candles Pack (3)(Category 1 - Indoor rated)

Pack of 3 Ice candles. These stunning new indoor fireworks are a must for cakes and special food dishes, a powerful flame burns with sparkles and crackles for approx 45 secs each. 


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