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Black Cat Range   Standard Range 



  Cosmic Flowers (25m Safety Distance)

Crackle, silver glitter, multi-coloured starbursts, and gold glitter

Size: 105mm x 105mm x 135mm

9.00 (? secs / 16 shots / 20mm calibre)

    Purple Fish (25m Safety Distance)

Crackle trail gives way to a piercing purple star and silver fish rapid finale 

Size: 105mm x 125mm x 185mm

12.00 (? secs / 24 shots / 20mm calibre)

  Meteorite (25m Safety Distance)

Bright coloured stars rise and crackle

Size: 105mm x 125mm x 185mm

12.00 (? secs / 24 shots / 20mm calibre)


  Parallel Universe (25m Safety Distance)

Parallel firings of golden glitter, blue willow and red crackling to the finale, a pair of brocade crowns.

Size: 175mm x 175mm x 145mm

18.00 (35 secs / 18 shots / 25mm calibre)


  Chromium (25m Safety Distance)

A loud assault of scintillating crackles, interspersed with an air bomb barrage. This candle gives an impressive array of colours and effects. Truly remarkable for its size.

Size: 64mm dia x 400mm

10.00(30 secs / -- shots)


Storm Cones Pack 

  Storm Cones Pack (3) (5m Safety Distance)


Size: 200mm x 75mm




  Comet Chaser (5) (5m Safety Distance)

Pack of 5 Mid sized, effects based rockets, Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light, Gold Glitter & Green

40mm Dia x 865mm


Solar Rocket

  Solar Rocket (25m Safety Distance)

Sold individually. Single large display rocket with a 55mm x 75mm payload giving a great sound report and good effect




Crackle Mines Pack

  Crackle Mines (4) (25m Safety Distance)

A pack of 4 gold, green, red and silver mines, emitting showers of sparks and ejecting stars.

Size: 43mm dia x 80mm


Royal Cressendo Mine

  Bomb Blitz Ground Mine (25m Safety Distance)

Fountain fuse followed by a sudden whoosh of shots into the air, then the effect of a machine gun in the heavens above.

Size: 155mm x 90mm dia


Royal Cressendo Mine

  Royal Crescendo Mine (25m Safety Distance)

Double effect mine combination, a silver fountain gives way to bursts of red, white and blue stars then a super crackle finale.

Size: 85mm x 250mm


Single Ignitions

 Page Boy Mayhem

  Page Boy Mayhem (25m Safety Distance)

This is the first in the series of  wedding themed single ignitions and gives multi coloured effects with willow, chrysanthemum, crossettes, coloured bees and a whistling finale.

Size: 180mm x 300mm x 300mm

45.00 (80 secs / 78 shots)


Feisty Bridesmaid 

  The Feisty Bridesmaid (25m Safety Distance)

The second in the series of wedding themed single ignitions gives multi coloured effects with whistling, crackling colour change and silver fish finale.

Size: 180mm x 300mm x 250mm

60.00 (110 secs / 100 shots)

Sparklers & Accessories


  Port fire Pack (5)(Outdoor rated)

Pack of 5 port fires, professional lighting flare, produces a strong flame for quick and easy lighting of fuses


 Calisto Sparklers

  Calisto gold sparklers (5)(Outdoor rated)

Pack of 5 golden outdoor sparklers, a true favorite with adult supervision, not recommended for children under 5


Coloured Sparklers 

 Celestial coloured nebular Sparklers (4)(Outdoor rated)

   Pack of 4 assorted coloured sparklers, requires adult supervision, not recommended for children under 5


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