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Fountains & Wheels

Storm Cones Pack 

  Storm Cones Pack (3) (5m Safety Distance) F1

Ground fireworks that shoot up with crackling effects, produces fountains of sparks but does not normally release loud bangs


   Fountain Of Youth

Fountain Of Youth (25m Safety Distance) F7

The Fountain of Youth, a splendid display with a difference, many coloured stars accompanied by whistles (could it make you feel young again?!)

Size 85mm dia x 250mm



Standard Fireworks  Vesuv (25m Safety Distance)


Size: mm dia x mm


Amazing Spray 

Standard Fireworks  Amazing Spray (8m Safety Distance)

WOW what a surprise this has to be the loudest fountain we have ever had, the amazing crackle and mini explosion bursts reach 2.5 meters, with lots of width)

Size: 130mm x 130mm x 150mm


Fire Phoenix 

Standard Fireworks  Fire Pheonix (25m Safety Distance)

  An enormous eruption of 

Size: mm dia x mm



Silver Cyclone (25m Safety Distance)

  An enormous eruption of 

Size: mm dia x mm



Golden Typhoon (25m Safety Distance)

  An enormous eruption of 

Size: mm dia x mm


Mammoth Cone

  Mammoth Cone (25m Safety Distance) F8

Mammoth 330mm, machine pressed, fountain cone. Even better than before! Our Mammoth cone now boasts a golden fountain with silver flitter combined with a myriad of multi-coloured mini stars imbedded in the fire. Erupting to a massive 5m high this is a very spectacular effect but with very little noise so ideal for those that want something impressive but do not like excessive bangs or whistles!



Wheel   Multi-coloured Wheel (5m Safety Distance) W1

This little wheel is a real stunner, and reaches some amazing speeds, but the fun is watching as it changes colour.

95mm x 95mm x 25mm



  Spiral Galaxy (5m Safety Distance)

6 powerful motors drive this wheel at incredible speeds creating a mystical ring of fire with showers of multi-coloured sparks and a devilish whistle. 

Size: 180mm x 210mm


Triple Turn Wheels 

Standard Fireworks  Triple Turn Wheels (5m Safety Distance)

A great pack of 3 for the wheel lovers out there, with 2x3 motor wheels and a super 4 motor wheel, there great.  

Size: mm x mm


   Giant Sun Catherine Wheel

  Giant Sun Wheel (25m Safety Distance) W3

One of the Largest diameter Catherine wheels available in category 3, producing showers of gold and silver flitter around a spinning core of multi coloured flames 


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