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Standard Fireworks Super Selection Bag (25m Safety Distance)

Contains 12 items. This super smart packaging is portable and easy to carry, containing just 12 larger items, including cakes and roman candles

Size: 400mm x 210mm x 210mm




Standard Fireworks  Silver Crackling (25m Safety Distance)

Silver crackling tails are one of the best effects in fireworks and this small cake is packed full of them, with each of the 8 shots delivering a spectacular column of glitter and sound 

Size: 90mm dia x 100mm

5.00 (15 secs / 8 shots / 14mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Pegasus (25m Safety Distance)

An excellent 10 shot roman candle combination cake, great effects from a compact cake, including green peony's with green tails, and silver crackling breaks with silver crackling tails. 

Size: 95mm dia x 120mm

6.00 (15 secs / 10 shots / 20mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Saturn Missile 100 (25m Safety Distance)

An amazing 100 missile shots for a fiver, a great value for money rocket assault 

Size: 80mm x 110mm x 120mm

6.00 (30 secs / 100 shots / 6mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  UFO (25m Safety Distance)

a great 16 shot cake with 3 different effects, silver spinner & red tail up break red peony & crackling - silver spinner & green tail up break green peony & crackling - silver spinner & blue tail up break blue peony & crackling

Size: 105mm x 105mm x 120mm

8.00 (25 secs / 16 shots / 20mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Dream Lady (25m Safety Distance)

22 very bright and colourful streaming comets quietly fired in pairs, a beautiful sight to see and a pleasure to watch, double red comets - double green comets - double silver comets (very low noise !) 

Size: 130mm dia x 120mm

10.00 (25 secs / 22 shots / 18mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Silver Crown (25m Safety Distance)


Size: 125mm x 125mm x 125mm

12.00 ( secs / 25 shots / mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Magic Delight (25m Safety Distance)

A display cake with 13 exciting shots of colour and noise. includes red & green comets, peony's and crackling breaks

Size: 170mm x 100mm x 180mm

16.00 (30 secs / 13 shots / 25mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Dream Party (25m Safety Distance)

This sure is one cake with a lot to offer, with 36 shots of colourful crackles, breaks and loud reports, crackling tails - green peony's - thunder kings - white glitter.

Size: 145mm x 145mm x 180mm

18.00 (30 secs / 36 shots / 18mm calibre)

Standard Fireworks  Colour Crackling (25m Safety Distance)

A big 19 shot cake with big breaks and big effects, used by many customers in professional displays, it really is that good, red - green peony, then blue - yellow peony, then purple - green peony

Size: 190mm x 165mm x 230mm

25.00 (30 secs / 19 shots / 30mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Pearl of the Orient (25m Safety Distance)

A great display cake with a truly great combination of effects, red wave with red fish - green wave with green fish - crosettes - crackling & brocade crown finale.

Size: 180mm x 180mm x 185mm

30.00 (35 secs / 25 shots / 26mm calibre)


Standard Fireworks  Caribbean (25m Safety Distance)

This fabulous 13 shot cake produces a combination of comet bursts and colourful breaks, and also boasts the maximum bore size. alternating red, green, yellow and silver palm - purple peony - crackling chrysantimum.

Size: 190mm dia x 250mm

21.00 (35 secs / 13 shots / 30mm calibre)


  Little Big Rockets

  Little Big Rocket Pack (5) (25m Safety Distance)

Pack of 5 small rockets, Ideal starter pack with effects and report.

25mm Dia x 600mm


  C Rocket Box

  C-Rocket Box (6) (25m Safety Distance)

Pack of 6 rockets,

40mm Dia x 865mm


4 Seasons Rockets

  4 Seasons Rocket Pack (4) (25m Safety Distance)

Pack of 4 rockets, 

30mm Dia x 750mm


Atlas Rockets

  Atlas Rocket Pack (8) (25m Safety Distance)

Pack of 8 rockets, 4 apollo and 4 seasons rockets

35mm Dia x 750mm


Thunder Flyer Rocket

  Thunder Flyer (25m Safety Distance)

Sold individually. This Classic large rocket can reach heights of around 100m with marvelous silver flash effects



Sparklers & Accessories

Snap Bang Throwdowns 

Fwg   Snap Bang Throw downs (Outdoor rated)

Pack of snap bang throw downs, lot of fun to throw these little paper wraps externally and hear them snap. recommended adult supervision



Ice Candles


  Ice Candles Pack (3)(Category 1 - Indoor rated)

Pack of 3 Ice candles. These stunning new indoor fireworks are a must for cakes and special food dishes, a powerful flame burns with sparkles and crackles for approx 45 secs each. 



  Port fire Pack (5)(Outdoor rated)

Pack of 5 port fires, professional lighting flare, produces a strong flame for quick and easy lighting of fuses


 Calisto Sparklers

  Calisto gold sparklers (5)(Outdoor rated)

Pack of 5 golden outdoor sparklers, a true favorite with adult supervision, not recommended for children under 5


Coloured Sparklers 

 Celestial coloured nebular Sparklers (4)(Outdoor rated)

   Pack of 4 assorted coloured sparklers, requires adult supervision, not recommended for children under 5


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